Wooden garden gates in Liverpool

Opt for wooden garden gates in Liverpool

Will you be choosing one from our selection?

If you’re looking for wooden garden gates in Liverpool then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

If you’re not sure whether to opt for a new wooden garden gate or not then let us discuss the merits.

Do I need a new wooden garden gate

A garden gate serves a couple of purposes

Firstly, it adds to the aesthetic of your garden. If you opt for a nice wooden garden gate your Liverpool lawn will be all the more beautiful for it.

We often live with old, horrible gates for too long simply because they pass under the radar but summer is coming, the sun is already out (or at least it was as we were writing this) and you’re probably planning to spend some time in the warmer months in your yard or garden, so why not take pride in the space and spend a small amount on a gate you’re happy to look at?

Secondly, your fencing and gates provide security for your property and your loved ones. If you have a well constructed fence and a gate that closes and locks, you can feel more confident about letting the kids and the dog out to play in the back garden.

This is not to mention that you’d be amazed what a deterrent a decent wooden garden gate is to potential burglars. If they haven’t got a quick, easy route off your property they are less likely to target you. Then of course there is the privacy that a wooden garden gate can provide and the additional security that you have as a result.

If for these, or any other reasons, you feel you are in need of a new wooden garden gate in Liverpool or the surrounding areas then you can select from a range of well constructed, attractive options from our website or city centre showroom.

Why get my wooden garden gates in Liverpool from City Fencing?

City Fencing has been supplying fencing and gates to the Liverpool market for over 40 years now. We know our trade and your area inside and out. For a fast turnaround, a well built product and a professional installation service look no further.

Plus we delivery fencing and wooden garden gates throughout Liverpool for free, when you place an order of over £30.

Contact us for a quotation now if you would like new fencing and gates in time for the summer.