Types of gates by City Fencing

Different types of gates

What wooden garden gate to go for

Garden gates are one of our main areas of business.

It’s unsurprising really – wooden garden gates go hand in hand, or hinge in post, with wooden garden fencing! The range isn’t extensive when it comes to the types of gates available, simply because it doesn’t need to be; all of our gates are customisable and can be made to fit most heights and widths.

However, when faced with any choice at all you are going to have a decision to make and we often get asked by customers ‘which type of gate should I choose?’

We have created this post to help you answer that question.

Types of gates available from City Fencing

We offer three main style of wooden garden gate. With two out of those three the decision about which type of gate to go for is purely aesthetic. The third offers some added strength and security.

Feather edged gates

We stock two types of feathered edge garden gates. These are both sturdy, long lasting and great looking. They will stand up to the weather for years to come and are suitable for most gardens.

The choice, when it comes to selecting a feather edged wooden garden gate, is whether to go for a flat or arched top.

All of the wooden garden fencing we supply is feather edged and made from the same great quality timber, so whatever gate you select it will match. For many people, the decision to opt for a curved or flat top gate depends upon whether they went for curved or flat top fencing.

That’s not always the case, however. Even if you opted for a flat fence you may choose to add a feature with a curved gate.

Standard sizing for these gates starts at 600mm height x 900mm width and goes up to 2400mm x 900mm but custom sizing is available on request.

Tongue and groove gates

This type of gate is equally good looking and made from the same high quality timber as our other wooden garden gates. The difference is that a tongue and groove gate is substantially stronger than the other options we offer, due to being braced.

This also gives the gate its own distinctive look.

For most people the type of gate you go for will probably come down to aesthetic, though if you feel your gate will be in use a great deal, or if it will be placed in a working environment this may be the option for you.