Choosing Between Traditional and Contemporary Fence Panels

Traditional and contemporary fence panels Liverpool

There are so many styles of fence panels on the market so it can be a difficult decision choosing the right style for your garden. You can usually determine what type of fence panels to go for by the way your garden is currently designed or the direction you want to take it. If your garden is more traditional rather than contemporary we have fence panels to suit this or vice versa. Alternatively, your garden may feel traditional but if you’d like to update it in some way we also have contemporary fence panels available.

We’re here to make your decision easier by showing our traditional and contemporary options and how they can benefit the look and function of your garden.

Traditional Fence Panels

traditional feather edge fence panel

Traditional fence panels are a common style found in most gardens across the UK. They have been a popular style of fencing for many years because of their versatility and durability. Traditional fence panels are constructed using overlapped pales which are secured onto horizontal slats on the reverse side of the feather edge panel. This traditional design makes it a sturdy fencing option that will last years. Traditional fencing doesn’t have to be a safe, boring option as our timber feather edge panels have a striking appearance that stands out and instantly freshens any garden.

Traditional fence panels are versatile as they can be made in a range of heights from 3ft to 7ft, they’re easy to install and are also suitable for most gardens with curves, edges, and uneven terrain.

If you’re simply looking for fence panels that offer security and privacy with a simple, traditional design then we suggest you opt for the straight feather edge panels which offer a no-fuss, simple and robust design.

Contemporary Fence Panels

Contemporary trellis fence panel

Contemporary fencing takes design a bit further and is more decorative than traditional fencing. They offer the same security and privacy protection but consist of more design features which not only look good, they can also help to flourish your garden with flowers. You’re able to be more creative with contemporary fencing and create a bespoke look that will stand out amongst your neighbour’s gardens.

Trellis fencing in particular is a modern take on ordinary fence panels. Trellis fence panels are ideal for growing climbing plants which add to the design of the panel. On their own they can be a unique feature in the garden but for extra privacy add climbing plants. Climbing plants compliment trellis fencing well and are a great way of injecting colour into a bland garden. You can choose to have full trellis fences or simply add  trellis to the top of the panel for a decorative edge.

Arched feather edge fence panel

If you still like traditional style fencing but would like more of a design element, why not try a twist on the traditional in the form of arched feather edge fence panels.

The arches add an interesting element to this simple design whilst still retaining protection, privacy and its robust structure. These are a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary fence panels, so if you’re struggling to decide between the two, arched feather edge panels are the way to go.

Traditional and Contemporary Fence Panels by City Fencing

There are benefits to both styles of fencing but we’ve hopefully made your decision clearer and easier. Depending on your style of garden and your tastes, whether they’re traditional or contemporary, at City Fencing we’re sure to have something suitable for you. You can browse our range of fence panels to find a style perfect for you and once you’ve made your decision you can call our expert fence fitters on 0151 207 7490 to book installation.