Steel Fence Panels VS Wood Fence Panels

wood and steel fence panels

Could Steel Fence Panels be the One for You?

Fencing isn’t something that most people shop for all that often so, when it comes to making a selection, the benefits of one type of fencing over another aren’t always immediately obvious so it’s time we take a look at steel fence panels and wood fencing.

Here we will discuss the merits of wood versus steel fence panels and highlight a few of the different instances where you may consider opting for one over the other.

Garden fence panels

As a rule of thumb, wood fence panels are the go-to option for people buying garden fence panels for their private garden. There are numerous reasons for this.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, wood fence panels are solid.

In your space, where privacy is as important as security, this factor may mark the beginning and the end of your decision process. Wooden fencing is also a product made of natural materials, so it fits well into a garden setting.

Wood fence panels from City Fencing have all been pressure treated to protect the wood and give years of hard wearing use.

As a homeowner, wooden garden fence panels from City Fencing are a purchase you can make once, have professionally installed by our experts and then leave in place to protect your property for years.

In this scenario, steel fence panels are almost never required. You can simply buy your wood fence panels via our website or, easier still, call in and speak to one of our advisers who will arrange a complete supply and installation service for you.

Public fencing

What makes a public space more secure – the privacy of wood fence panels or the security of steel fence panels? This is the question to ask yourself when selecting fencing for any area more public than your garden.

It may be that for car parks, pub gardens and some other outdoor public spaces that aesthetics and a certain amount of privacy play a role in your decision making. However, in many cases, the high security value offered by steel fence panels will win out.

Steel fence panels from City Fencing are anti-climb, anti-vandal and extremely durable.

If you are hoping to budget for fencing just once and to receive a solution that will protect your perimeter for decades steel fence panels will likely be the option for you. They come in a range of heights, colours and styles to suit a variety of scenarios.

A fence with a view

In the same way that wood fence panels are the easy option when complete privacy is your number one concern, steel fencing is an easy decision when you have a view to protect.

Sometimes security and safety are important, so fencing is required but you don’t want to block the view – perhaps to a park or an area of public interest. For these occasions we have steel paladin fencing.

Browse our site to view the full range offered by City Fencing and by all means call us or call in and allow us to help you with your decision of which fence is best suited to you.