Enhancing Small Gardens With Fencing and Gates

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Beautiful gardens don’t have to be large spaces with acres of land, as small gardens also have the potential to be beautiful, tranquil spaces with lots of flourishing flowers. There are ways of making a small garden look bigger or you can make the most of your small garden and fill it effectively without it looking over crowded. After all, they say great things come in small packages!

All you need is creativity and structure to create a horticultural masterpiece that will be the envy of all your neighbours. Fences and gates are the foundations of any garden and can work to enhance smaller spaces. Take a look at some of our tips and tricks to improving small gardens with our fencing and gates Liverpool.

Elongate your garden with fencing and gates 

Fences and gates don’t only provide security and privacy to your home, they can also be a design feature in your garden and if used cleverly, can make your garden seem bigger. If you’re looking to elongate your garden, the key is to draw the eye along the garden and making your fences a focal point can achieve this. Our arched feather edge panels are an interesting design and will take the eye right along the garden and create the illusion of a longer space. Adding hanging baskets to each fence panel is also a great way of bringing attention to your fences.

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Use fence panels to grow flowers

If you have limited grass space in your garden and would like an outdoor space that is filled with flowers without making it seem over crowded, fence panels are the perfect way to have a flourishing and vibrant garden. For smaller spaces we suggest you use fence panels to base flowers around. For instance, climbing plants work well with a structure to grow upon, you may not have space on the ground to grow all of your favourite flowers, but you will have fence panels which are a simple solution to growing plants.

Create a border along your fence panels to grow plants, or you could also use trellis fencing to support climbing plants. Small gardens can sometimes look enclosed and dull but incorporating flowers as much as possible will instantly brighten and open up this space.

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Make the most of your space by creating sections

Even if you have a small garden you can still pack a lot in and have different areas for relaxing, playing, and growing plants. Gates are a great way to section off areas. Use wooden gates which fit seamlessly into your garden but create divides to create an organised, neat, and tidy space.

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Bespoke Fencing and Gates Liverpool

These are just a few tips on how to enhance a small garden and our wooden fences and gates are the foundations for creating the perfect garden space. All of our fence panels and gates are bespoke and by following our tips you can create a unique outdoor space. Order your quality fence panels and gates from City Fencing today by calling 0151 207 7490.