Secure Your Premises With Fencing and Gates

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Fences and gates have a lot of functions in homes and businesses but one of the main functions, and arguably the most important, is security. This is particularly the case for businesses and large commercial buildings – having gates and fences that provide high security is a priority. Fences and gates not only serve to look good and improve the appearance of the garden area, they also provide privacy and security. Here at City Fencing we give you the best of both worlds with our fantastic designs and strong materials, and we install security fencing Liverpool-wide.

Secure Fencing and Gates for Businesses

Businesses in particular are more susceptible to theft and vandalism, so investing in extra secure fencing is paramount to preventing these types of crimes from happening which can have a serious negative impact on the business. Schools are another place where choosing the right gates and fencing are important not only for security reasons but also to provide extra privacy. Our steel and mesh fencing and gates particularly work well in these type of buildings due to their durability and security features. Our Paladin classic fencing as pictured above has strong resilience to climbing and cutting to fully protect your business. Although this fencing is made of highly robust steel it still retains its attractive qualities as it can be designed in a range of colours. High secure fences do not have to feel like a prison as we provide robust fencing whilst still providing plenty of view to the outside world.

Secure Fencing for Your Home    

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For your home, steel high fencing is not always practical as you want something that fits in with the decor of your home, has a softer design whilst providing peace of mind knowing your home and garden are protected. High wooden fences and gates are great for gardens which also deters climbing. These Tongue and Groove wooden gates are one of the most strongest garden gates and will provide ample security for your home.

Security Fencing Liverpool

Make security your top priority when choosing fencing and gates both for your home and business. City Fencing provide top quality, robust and durable fencing to withstand vandalism and prevent thieves from entering your premises. You can read more about security fencing in Liverpool on our site or give us a call today on 0151 207 7490 to find out more about how we can secure your home and business.