How to Keep Your Property Secure During Winter

security fencing Liverpool

As winter draws in and the nights become darker for longer the risk of damage to our properties and theft increases. Installing strong security fencing is a simple but effective way of protecting your property and deterring burglars. If your current fencing is weak or if you don’t have anything in place to protect the grounds of your home, now is the best time to have fencing installed that is strong and resilient against wintry weather and thieves.

Paladin and palisade fencing

Paladin fencing Liverpool

For the ultimate protection steel fencing is the best option, particularly for commercial premises. Businesses are most at risk of thefts and vandalism and high, steel fences are the most effective security fencing. If you have a business property we suggest you opt for paladin or palisade fencing.

Paladin fencing as pictured above combines aesthetics and high security. It’s often used in schools and businesses as it has an attractive look with a strong resilience to climbing and vandalism. It’s through vision means you’re able to see out of the grounds of your property and spot unwanted intruders and the high strength of this fencing provides peace of mind that it is highly difficult for these intruders to enter the grounds of your property. Security fencing doesn’t have to be unattractive and bulky as paladin fencing has a delicate and classic look whilst being highly durable and strong.

steel palisade fencing Liverpool

Steel palisade fencing is used on many commercial and domestic properties, most commonly used at the back of gardens to stop intruders climbing over and entering the property. Steel is a highly resilient material so what better way to make your fencing extra strong than with steel palisade. This fencing is easy to assemble and is available in a variety of sizes and colours to be designed bespoke to your requirements.

Wooden security fencing

If you’re wanting something a little less commercial looking and you’d like wooden fencing but with the same peace of mind that your home is secure, then we have just the thing!

We ensure that our wooden fence panels don’t just look great, but that they also last a long time even through bad winters and give you peace of mind that the fence is securing your home. At City Fencing we supply and install heavy duty fence panels which offer years of durability. For extra security choose our high fence panels to make climbing difficult.

Don’t waste any time this winter, have security fencing installed in your business and home by calling City Fencing on 0151 207 7490.