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Steel and security fencing suppliers in Liverpool, City Fencing

Steel and security fencing specialists in Liverpool, City Fencing have a range of steel and mesh fencing available for your private and commercial steel fencing requirements. Often the overriding factor with steel and mesh fencing is access control. Keeping people or animals off a property that may have value or simply restricted access. Examples where steel and mesh fencing may be required include: · Playground fencing · Sports ground fencing · School and nursery school steel fencing · Private property steel fencing · Office and parking area fencing · Commercial office fencing All of the above require levels of security that are offered by steel and mesh security fencing. When gates or access control are then added to the security fencing the diversion that mesh or steel fences offers usually wards off unwanted intruders. Prevention is better than cure and securing private property can be very expensive. Steel and mesh fencing offers a very cost effective method to secure private areas as well as giving you peace of mind. There may well be requirements for access control that are deemed necessary by insurance companies and steel or mesh fencing can solve this problem in many cases.

The main types of steel and mesh fencing

The main types of steel and mesh fencing are Paladin fencing and steel Palisade fencing. Paladin fencing can be painted but is usually powder coated for durability as well as looks. The open plan style of this fencing maintains an open plan look and feel which is great for parks and countryside steel fencing. Steel Palisade fencing is usually galvanised but does also come in different colours, with an intruder deterring spiked top to each strut. Easy and fast to erect, both of these solutions not only look good but are highly durable and strong enough to deter anyone but the most determined of intruders. Very difficult to climb as well as being so strong that cutting through these steel fence types is incredibly difficult. Steel and mesh fencing suppliers in Liverpool, City Fencing will be delighted for you to give us a call or make an email enquiry regarding any types of steel and mesh fencing. Our experienced team will be on hand to advise as to exactly what you need and which may be the most suitable for your specific steel and security fencing project. Based in Bootle, our family run fencing supply business in Liverpool has been supplying fencing and gate products for over 40 years. Call us on 0151 207 7490 for any fencing and gates related enquiries that you may have.