How To Create Privacy In Your Own Garden

Privacy fence panels

If you have neighbours all around you but want to be able to enjoy your garden in private, there is no better way to achieve that than with good quality garden fencing, particularly with privacy fence panels.

Buying Privacy Fence Panels


traditional feather edge privacy fence panels


All of the garden fencing we supply is made up of privacy fence panels. By privacy fence panels, we mean tall wooden panels that are completely opaque and entirely secure. Our standard range includes panels that are up to 7ft in height; there aren’t many neighbours that can see over those!

Many people favour privacy fence panels that are a little shorter than 7ft, with 4 and 6ft also being extremely popular. When making your selection there are a number of things to consider. If, at the moment, you have very low or broken fencing and a lack of privacy in your garden you may be thinking ‘the taller the better’ but do remember to take the following into account when making your selection:

1. How high is the border of your garden and your neighbour’s in relation to where you or they sit and spend time? If it’s higher, you may only need a lower fence.

2. How much shade will your fence create? If you enjoy sun in your garden, take into account the direction of your fence. You may favour a slightly lower fence in order to preserve the natural light in the garden.

3. What other features are there to take into account? If you have a lot of foliage between yours and your neighbour’s garden, your privacy fence panels may only need to serve the purpose of defining your border, rather than needing to be tall enough to stop people from seeing in.

There may be other things to take into account, depending on your personal circumstances, and you can call our showroom anytime on  0151 207 7490 to ask our advice.

Other Ways to Create Privacy in Your Garden

There are other ways of creating privacy, in addition to your garden fencing. For example, you might consider planting trees or shrubs, or stationing potted plants, or even a privacy screen around the area where you sit. There are lots of interesting things that can be done to create privacy using plants and landscaping.

If your garden is large enough you might even consider building a wooden gazebo, to create shade and an area of interest. Done correctly this has the added benefit of increasing privacy.

Buying Privacy Fence Panels From City Fencing

Of course, the number one thing that you can and should do to increase security, as well as privacy, in your garden is to invest in quality fencing. This has the added benefit of creating the same privacy and security for your neighbours so, while you should always check with them before making any changes that alter their space, the chances are that they could be pleased and receptive. Especially if your current fencing is broken or inadequate, new fencing from a local specialist like ourselves is great for everyone.

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