Metal garden gates vs wooden garden gates

What should you choose?

Most people default to opting for a wooden garden gate. We’ve been the leading fencing company in Liverpool for many years and it’s rare that someone will contact us and ask for a metal garden gate. However, there are times when we will recommend a metal garden gate, so we thought we’d take a few moments to look at the merits of the different materials and make sure you are aware that wood is not the only option.


When to choose a metal garden gate

Metal gates are, invariably, more secure than wooden garden gates. They are more climb resistant, more difficult to damage and they look as though they mean business, from a security perspective! Most often, when we recommend a metal garden gate it is in a situation where security is a major priority. If you have had burglaries in your area and want to upgrade the protection around your property, then you might want to consider a metal garden gate. Equally if you have a garden at your business premises, or a public building, metal can be a good idea.

There are, of course, more benefits to fitting a metal gate than simply security. Most often, metal gates use railings, so can be seen through, whereas wooden garden gates are solid. If you want more of a sense of space and you want people to be able to see into and out off your garden, a metal gate will more readily allow this. You can also opt for metal gates in a range of colours, using thick or thin bars, so they can be more inconspicuous than their wooden counterparts.


Why are wooden garden gates so popular?

Many people opt for wooden garden gates, mostly because they match their wooden garden fencing. It’s a good argument ‘for’. If you don’t have any specific security concerns (and don’t get us wrong, wooden gates also provide a good level of security) and you like the natural effect created by your wooden fence then a wooden gate is a natural addition, in a residential setting. Being solid, they also provide a level of privacy that metal gates do not.

We just want to make you aware that you have options! If you would like to discuss the option of a metal garden gate with us and to obtain a quotation please get in touch. City Fencing is Liverpool’s longest established fencing company and we offer free delivery on all orders over £30.