Metal Fencing Panels Might Be Ideal For You

our metal fencing panels which are ideal for security

Paladin fencing prices you can afford

Since you’re reading this the chances are that you’re in the market for metal fencing panels and that you are considering the option of paladin fencing.

Metal fencing panels are a great option anywhere where security and durability are your main concerns.

Generally, wooden fencing is a great idea for your private garden but when it comes to public and commercial spaces, you are going to want some additional safety features.

When you want the additional security of metal fencing panels without compromising on aesthetics paladin fencing is a great option.

Paladin Fencing – Metal Fencing Panels With a View

Public parks, gardens, in fact anywhere where you require a secure perimeter but don’t want it to compromise a nice view, paladin fencing could be the option for you, no matter how tall, the bars are thin and unobtrusive.

At City Fencing we also offer this fencing in a range of colours so that you can really tailor it to whatever you need.

These metal fence panels are anti-climb and anti-cut, offering levels of security that you can really trust but without spoiling the vista.

We Won’t Be Beaten on Paladin Fencing price

City Fencing is Liverpool’s leading supplier of metal fencing panels.

With four decades of experience working in this area and in this industry we have this down to a fine art.

Our showroom just outside of Liverpool city centre is available for you to call in and scope out the various fencing options available to you, as well as to discuss your needs with our fencing specialists.

All metal fencing panels we stock are also available to view on our website and you can contact us online or by phone with your specifications to receive a full, up-front quotation on your job.

We at City Fencing also provide dedicated experts to install your metal fencing panels.

Each of our fitters holds a diploma qualification, earned through years of field work.

Believe it or not, our paladin fencing prices are second to none, with surprisingly low costs available for fitting as well.
Take a look around our site to see what is available to you and please do contact us to discuss your requirements.