Liverpool’s fencing questions answered

Liverpool Fencing Installation

What makes a good fence?

There is nobody more qualified than we are to answer all of Liverpool’s fencing questions. After over four decades in business we have installed more fence panels in Liverpool than any other company, so we thought we’d take a moment to answer a very basic but important query – what makes a good fence?

It’s all in the fence panels

Selecting the right fence panels is key to getting a good fence. While wooden fence panels may all look alike you will soon discover that they are not all created equal as soon as a storm hits and you find your garden perimeter being swept to Oz because you went with the wrong company!

Solid, hard wearing fence panels aren’t necessarily more expensive than poorly constructed ones, they are simply better quality. There are, however, a few key things to look out for that not all Liverpool fencing companies will offer.

All of the wooden garden fence panels supplied by City Fencing are feather edged. This makes them not only attractive but sturdy. Most of the places that you find fence panels in Liverpool are feather edged, so how do you tell one from another?

Well, crucially, all fence panels supplied by us here at Liverpool’s fencing experts are also made from pressure treated timber. Some Liverpool fencing supplier sell panels that use the ‘dip method’, meaning that the timber looks good but has not been treated to stand the test of time. If you are in doubt about the quality of your fencing, ask whether the timber has been pressure treated. Or you could just come to us – City Fencing, Liverpool’s fencing experts.

What makes us Liverpool’s fencing experts?

We have been manufacturing, supplying and installing fence panels in Liverpool for upwards of 40 years now. If that doesn’t make us experts, we don’t know what does!

We ensure that every product we supply offers high quality at a reasonable price. We will even deliver your fence panels for free and install them ourselves at a very reasonable rate. Correct installation is another part of what makes a good fence a good fence. The materials can only be as reliable as the way they are being used. For most people, if bought from the right place, buying a garden fence is a one-time purchase so we advise that you buy from the professionals and opt for our installation package so that you can really be safe in the knowledge that your fence will last.