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Beautiful feature fencing in Liverpool by City Fencing

It’s a shame but many peoples view of fencing is that of a necessary evil. Almost a solution to a boundary problem with few options. For this reason, many people will toddle off to the local DIY store early on a Saturday morning and load up with posts, panels and some cement, ready for an exciting weekend ahead as they have become, overnight, fence erectors. This approach works in many circumstances. For sure if you are simply looking for some privacy from a neighbour then why not. But in reality, fences can actually be a thing of beauty and enhance many gardens appearances. Firstly, there are a number of fence panel styles to choose form. Gone are the days of the cheap overlapping horizontal panels that lasted one winter at best. Now we have preserved and tanalised hard wood panels in a wide variety of sizes and shapes that, with a little imagination can be erected creatively. Using solid concrete base panels under the fence panel not only looks great but also protects the wood from the ground, from where it will eventually soak up water and begin to rot. These solid base panels come in a variety of styles, will last virtually forever and look good. Add perhaps a splash of colour by painting them and you instantly have a feature, not a fence.

Creating style with quality fencing

In recent years we have seen the introduction of a variety of fence panel styles and shapes that now allow a little more creativity. Whilst mixing different fence panels in one stretch may be a little too adventurous, fence panels on opposite sides of the garden do not necessarily need to be the same height or style. One may proudly boast a trellis, one may be lower than shoulder height to afford a view over the fence and open up garden space. Fences make a superb backdrop for planting. Nothing announces spring like the fast growth of a clematis which will cover a fence in a couple of months. Low shrubs such as Hosta’s look great in spring and summer against a hard wood fence panel, whilst wild roses climbing a fence panel and trellis in summer give that traditional English country garden look and feel. But autumn and winter have their opportunities also if you do not want to look at fence panels all day. Dogwood planted in front of fence panels turns a lovely fiery red in autumn, and evergreens give a splash of relief and colour against painted of stained fence panels through winter. Consider integrating garden sheds with fence panels to create some continuity. Plants can climb on sheds as well as fence panels. And the opportunities afforded by garden gates is very exciting. Fence panel off part of your garden to create a secret area behind a gate, creating excitement and intrigue. Liverpool fencing supplier City Fencing can help you with your choice of fence panels in Bootle and surrounding areas and we are happy to advise on your specific requirements. Give us a call on 0151 207 7490 or send us an email, we are here to help.