Hi there, we are City Fencing. Liverpools #1 Fencing Company

Hi, we’re City Fencing – but you already knew that 🙂

City Fencing are Liverpool’s leading fencing supplier. We offer the complete fencing, gates and posts solution for private and commercial buyers and pretty much all of our products are available to buy on our Liverpool fencing company e-commerce website.

The choice of fencing styles may sometimes seem a little bewildering. As does the specifications required for various fencing projects. Some fencing has a shorter lifespan than others and one of the questions that you may need to ask yourself is how permanent do you need the fencing to be as well as is it decorative fencing or simply to define your boundaries. You may be be sprucing up a property for sale or may have a long term requirement for your fencing.

Consider also the ground where the fence will be situated. If the area has many large shrubs or trees it will be important to use a sturdy fence with posts in solid foundations. Tree roots cause havoc with walls let alone fences and some preparation here will ensure that the lifespan of your fence is extended significantly.

A sturdier fence may consist of concrete posts with a solid concrete base. This stops the wooden fence panels coming into contact with the ground, which is a major cause of rot starting to damage your fencing panels. The concrete posts have an almost indefinite lifespan and the fence panels are easily slipped between the grooves in the posts. When erected with care and preparation the fence will look superb and last for many years.

City Fencing also supply all of the ancillaries required when erecting a new fence. The ballast and cement that will secure your posts can be purchased from our fencing e-commerce website along with the important Postmix. Once you have prepared the holes for your posts the ballast and cement can be mixed and your posts inserted. When happy with your fence post positioning then the holes are back filled with fast drying Postmix. Within just a few hours your new fence will be taking shape, offering you stylish privacy and security.

Heavy duty arched feather edged fence panels come in a variety of styles and as well as being very robust they look very effective. Topped with a trellis and you have a very ornate fencing solution that will last for many years.

Sizes of panels vary although 6ft is the standard height in the UK. We offer a bespoke fence panel supply in Liverpool and surrounding areas for anyone that requires something totally unique and we would be delighted to quote accordingly.

If security is more of a concern than aesthetics then we have the perfect solution in steel and mesh panels. Giving high levels of access control to both commercial and private properties, steel and mesh panels will last indefinitely and give great peace of mind.

City Fencing in Liverpool offer a full consultancy service to help you to decide what you need to buy for your fencing project. Drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to advise on fencing panels and posts and the foundation and preparation that we feel will be most appropriate.