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different products found within our fencing supplies

All the Fencing Supplies You’ll Ever Need

At City Fencing we are specialists in the supplying and fitting of fence panels and posts. We only have only one area of business and we take it seriously, offering only the best fencing supplies on the market, fitted by experienced and qualified professionals.

That is why we are Liverpool’s number one for fencing supplies.

As well as a range of steel and wooden fences, our stock selection of fencing supplies includes cheap concrete fence posts and bags of concrete that will set your secure perimeter in place without breaking the bank.

Cheap Concrete Fence Posts

This is a product that doesn’t need to be expensive to get the job done and achieve the look you’re aiming for in your garden or car park.

The fencing supplies range from City Fencing includes all the styles of concrete slotted fence posts that you could need in order to complete your new wooden fence.

They are steel reinforced with four steel reinforcing bars running the length of the post, in order to give them years of durability.

The cheap concrete fence posts available on our website and from our central Liverpool showroom include:

  • Corner posts, with grooves to set your fencing at 90 degrees
  • Intermediate posts, grooves either side, placed between posts running along a perimeter
  • End posts, with just one groove
  • Three way posts, with three grooves each set at 90 degrees, for when a dividing fence panel is required

All of the fence panels and posts available on our fencing supplies website are designed to combine maximum aesthetic value, combined with a high level of security.

If you are in doubt as to whether you require steel or wooden fencing, simply get in touch and ask our fencing supplies specialists.

Other Fencing Supplies

As well as our range of fence panels and posts, City Fencing supplies everything required for the installation of your fence.

This includes rapid setting, premixed Post Mix concrete, cement ideal for fixing all wood, metal and concrete posts and bags of ballast – available large and small.

Supply and Fit

Should you decide to fit your own fence, our products are all available for either delivery or collection from our showroom just outside Liverpool city centre.

Alternatively, contact us today for a quote on having your new fence supplied fully fitted.