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No matter what the size we’ve got the perfect fit

Some people are different when it comes to choosing fence panels in Liverpool, some people want and require different sizes, don’t worry because this is fine as at City Fencing we provide a large amount of fences in a variety of shapes and sizes.

When you are looking for fencing in Liverpool we are the number one company and choice for cheap fence panels.

All of our fence panels are affordable, reliable and durable. The fencing we provide will stand strong and last for a long period of time, especially when you use our concrete base panels to keep them in place.  

With all of the cheap fence panels we supply they are all made out of pressure treated timber opposed to the ‘dip’ treatment that most other companies use for fence panels in Liverpool. Our panels won’t only offer years of durability but they will also offer an attractive look and finish.

What fence panels in Liverpool do we supply

At City Fencing we offer only the best fence panels, our range include the following:

  • Heavy Duty Feather Edge Panel
  • Arched Fence Panels
  • Heavy Duty Arched Feather Edge Panels
  • Trellis

The trellis we provide comes in the one size and is the ideal piece for someone’s garden if they have climbing plants, however it does make an area look nicer as it could just be fitted to add an attractive look.

Our arched fence panel is advertised in the size of 6ft X 2ft however our fencing experts can make a panel to a different size if required to meet your needs.

The sizes our heavy duty feather edge panels come in are:

  • 6ft X 2ft
  • 6ft X 3ft
  • 6ft X 4ft
  • 6ft X 5ft
  • 6ft X 6ft
  • 6ft X 7ft

See, plenty of sizes to suit everyone!

Finally, our heavy duty arched feather edge panels come in the following sizes:

  • 6ft X 3ft
  • 6ft X 4ft
  • 6ft X 5ft
  • 6ft X 6ft
  • 6ft X 7ft

There has got to be a fence and size that suits you and is exactly what you are looking for when searching for fencing in Liverpool!

#1 for fencing in Liverpool

Don’t go looking elsewhere for fence panels in Liverpool, City Fencing has got everything you need for fencing in Liverpool.

We have got the ideal cheap fence panels which will suit you, what more could you want from a fence, ours our affordable and highly durable!
If you have any questions about our fences or any other fencing materials we supply then give us a call today on 0151 207 7490.