Plain fence base panels for garden fences and gates

Types of fence base panels

Make sure you choose the City Fencing range

City Fencing is the number one supplier of all things fencing and gates in Liverpool.

When it comes to fence base panels we keep our standard selection pretty simple.

The concrete fence base panels available on our website come with just three options:

Plain fence base panels, 12” tall

Plain fence base panels 6” tall

Rock face concrete fence base panels 12” tall

Those aren’t your only options, of course, because we are able to manufacture or source pretty much whatever you need when it comes to fencing and gates.

However, in 99% of cases this is the only selection you’ll need.

They get the job done, they do it well and they last a long time.

Installing new garden fences and gates?

If you are, you’re going to need concrete fence base panels.

Once the fence posts are installed, a base panel is slotted into place between the posts, for the wooden fencing to sit on top of.

These fence base panels perform a number of functions, the most important one being that they protect the wooden fence panels from being in constant contact with the damp earth.

Wooden fence panels supplied by are hard wearing and can withstand all weather conditions, to last a lifetime but they are not designed to sit in contact with the groundwater needs to be able to run off them so that they can dry out.

This is where fence base panels come in. Being concrete they can be in contact with your grass or muddy borders constantly without sustaining any damage.

They also provide a solid base for your fence panel to sit on.

Choosing fence base panels

Most people opt for plain fence base panels 12” thick.

They don’t detract from the look of your wooden fence panels or gates and create an aesthetically pleasing overall look.

If you prefer the finish you could opt for stone effect panels, which perform exactly the same function but simply have a bit of visual detailing.

There are also some instances where you might opt for a thinner, 6” base panel but it is usually best to let our experts advise you as to whether that is the case.

All of our concrete fence base panels, garden fences and gates can be ordered via our website with free delivery over £30.

We also provide a complete supply and installation service to ensure that your new fence is expertly constructed.