Our Range of Fence Base Panels

Fence Base Panels Liverpool

As well as our excellent range of fencing, we  supply and install concrete base panels of the highest standard. In this post, we’ll tell you a little about the fence base panels we supply, why you might choose one option over another, and what they are most frequently used for.


Garden Fence Base Panels


All of the fence base panels we supply are made of concrete and designed to work with the wooden fencing panels that we also manufacture, supply and fit. As such, they are most regularly used in residential gardens.

If you’re looking to replace the fence around your garden at home, you will need to order as many base panels as you do fence panels. Order at the same time and you’ll receive free delivery to anywhere in Liverpool, with any order over £30 in value.

Our team of experts are always available to install your fencing, including the fence base panels, for you. Please let us know when you order if you would like to take advantage of our expert fence installation service.


When to replace fence base panels


If you have an old garden fence the chances are that the fence will age a lot faster than the base panels. It could be that in some cases you could get away with replacing your fence panels and keeping the base that you already have. However, if your fence base panels are very old or showing signs of wear in any way then it can be worth replacing them when you replace your fence.

If they don’t seem properly bedded in or are leaning to one side, having them replaced by our experts will definitely make the entire structure of your fence more secure.


Our three types of fence base panels


We sell and work with three different types of fence base panel. These are for use only with our wooden fencing. Steel and mesh fences do not require base panels as they are affixed directly into the ground. However, when we fit wooden fencing we secure the fence posts then use these panels to keep the wooden fencing from touching the ground. In doing so the fence is secure and the wood is able to dry, rather than touching wet ground.


Plain Base Panel

plain fence base panel


1ft x 6ft, plain fence base panels are simple, discreet concrete panels suitable for all gardens. Available now for £7.80 per panel.


Half Base Panel

half base panel

The half fence base panel is exactly the same as the plain fence panel but 50% narrower. At 6in x 6 ft this panel is even more discreet than its counterpart and is most suitable where the ground is harder. Our half fence base panels are available for just £5.90 per panel.


Rock Face Base Panel

rock face fence base panel



1ft x 6ft rock face base panels perform exactly the same function as the plain base panel. The difference is purely aesthetic. If you prefer a slightly more detailed rustic look and feel that this would fit better with the design of your garden then opt for rock face base panels with confidence, knowing that they perform just as well as the plain panels.

Unsure which fencing base panels to choose? You can contact our team with any questions by calling us on 0151 207 7490.