Our Favourite Fence Panels for Liverpool Customers

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Are you looking for fencing with a twist? Maybe you want your fence to shine in both its design and functionality? We have exactly what you’re looking for! We believe in unique and creative fence panels as fencing is an integral part of every garden, so why keep it simple when fences could transform your entire garden and be a beautiful feature?


Trellis Fence Panels


Trellis fencing is one of our favourite types of fence paneling due to its beautiful decorative features and functionality. Trellis fencing not only looks good and provides privacy to your garden but also helps your garden to flourish. It’s particularly useful for climbing plants and framing your garden without disrupting its theme. Trellis fencing is a unique and interesting way of displaying your flowers.

Use trellis to add an attractive finish to your normal fence panel or go all out and show off your beautiful climbing plants with a complete trellis fence panel.




arched fence panels

Heavy Duty Arched Feather Edge Panel

We love fencing with a twist. Although we appreciate the simplicity of straight edge fence panels, arches can serve to add more interest and class to your garden. If you have a feature at the end of your garden that you’d like to draw attention to, arch fences are a great choice as they can lead the eyes to a specific area of your garden.

Straight edge fence panels are great if you have a contemporary garden, but if you’d like a style of fencing that give a less harsh look to your garden and frames it more softly, arched fence panels are the way to go.  

Quality Fencing Supplied and Fitted in Liverpool

No matter which style of fence you go for, you’re guaranteed to receive a quality service, material and look. All of our fence panels are made from top quality pressure treated timber and will retain their quality for years to come. You can browse our website to find the perfect fence panel for your garden or if you’d like to have our favourite fence panels fitted then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0151 207 7490 today!