Preparing Your Garden for The Winter Months

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We can already feel the chill and the weather is set to get colder, windier and wet as we approach the winter. As the winter gets closer and the weather becomes more unpredictable and turbulent, it’s important to prepare for this weather, particularly your garden fencing. The wind and rain can cause havoc with the structure of your fences, which is why we at City Fencing are offering extra strong fence panels to keep your garden secure during these blustery conditions.

Ways to strengthen your fence panels

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We have a number of fencing options to improve the strength of the fences. We have different types of fencing which are available in strong materials such as steel and mesh, as well as our usual fence panels that can be made stronger with concrete bases. Concrete base panels offer a strong support for the fence panel, so if you’re worried that wooden panels just won’t stay against strong winds, the concrete base panel can keep it secure so that it won’t budge! We only use strong, durable materials for our fences, and we can assure you that they will stand the test of time.


Extra strong fence panels to the rescue!

Extra strong fence panels City Fencing


Winter takes its toll on fences and you’ll often see a path of destruction in the aftermath of a storm with damaged and even missing fence panels. Our heavy duty fence panels can be made extra strong with the bases that we provide. They’re made of concrete, so the fence panel is secured down and in place, and here they will remain sturdy and withstand any strong winds.

The posts that we supply are the same, made of concrete and specifically made to withstand tough conditions and to keep the panel in place. These are ideal for gardens as they look attractive and are very effective at keeping your home secure. Fitted with the concrete base and posts, our heavy duty fencing is sure to give you that sense of security knowing your garden is safe and secure despite the winter conditions which could cause problems for fences with less strength and foundation to them.

We also offer metal fencing such as paladin fencing which provides not only high security with a strong resilience to climbing and cutting but also gives a feeling of open space with its see-through design. Steel palisade offers complete security and peace of mind whilst being one of the easiest to assemble fencing systems available. We offer a variety of sizes and colours along with double and single gates.

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If you’re interested in upgrading your gardens security, and purchasing stronger and more protective fencing, then get in touch with City Fencing by calling 0151 207 7490.