What are the options when it comes to different types of fencing?

Some of our different types of fencing

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We all encounter different types of fencing every day during the course of our lives but, take it from us, it is only when they have a need for it that people begin to notice the range of fencing options available to them.

If you’ve spotted certain types of fences that you think might suit your project and have been unable to locate a stockist, please ask us.

There are very few types of fences that we cannot provide.

The majority of our range is listed on our website but as a manufacturer and supplier with upwards of four decades experience in the trade, even if what you’re looking for isn’t amongst our pages that won’t stop us from getting it for you.

Below we will expand on the differences and uses of the most popular different types of fencing.

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Metal fencing options

There are various different types of fencing in the metal category alone.

These types of fences are most usually used in commercial settings, where security is paramount.

Metal fences can be made to almost any height and width and made to withstand cutting, bending, climbing and other forms of damage, providing high levels of protection.

Steel palisade fencing is one of the most secure solutions we supply.

These types of fences are often used in high security situations and are available in a range of colours.

Paladin fencing is an attractive, open style of steel fence.

Unlike different types of fencing it provides all the security of tough, damage resistant metal while being thin enough to preserve a view.

Also available in a range of colours, public parks and other locations that require secure but discreet fencing can benefit from this option.

Wooden fencing options

The most common use for wooden fencing panels is in the garden, where they provide privacy and security.

Being made from natural materials, these types of fences also add to the aesthetic of the space.

Our feather edge fence panels are all heavy duty and made from pressure treated timber to provide years of durability.

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