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When you think about fences, majority of the time people just think of wooden fences not the likes of metal ones or concrete ones and that’s why we want to talk to you and show you our different types of base panels for fences.

One of the panels we provide here at City Fencing is concrete base panels, these panels can either be used simply as a base at the bottom of the fence or as the whole fence itself providing you with a strong concrete fence.

We’ve got a number of different materials that make the best base panels for fences but one of them definitely has to be concrete. Whereas in time wood will start to rot and will have to be replaced, concrete will last a lot longer and be stronger.

Even if you don’t want a full concrete fence you can always use our concrete panels as the base for your wooden fence, it will keep it up for longer and again keep it stronger therefore prolonging the life of your fence.

What are our different types of base panels for fences

Here at City Fencing we have 3 different types of concrete base panels, these are as followed:


The rock face base panel is one for those who are looking for a more decorative design for their fence. It is a patterned piece of concrete featured with different shapes but don’t worry just because it looks good doesn’t mean it compromises on strength, it is still completely solid and will work just as well as the other plain panels.

Another one of our best base panels for fences is our plain base panel. This panel is just a plain, smooth piece of concrete and is also a popular choice.

The final one in our selection of concrete base panels is the 6×6 inch plain base panel. Just like the plain base panel it is a smooth piece of concrete with no design to it however this one is half the size compared to the other different types of base panels for fences.

With it being half the size it is also half the price, if you want to see the prices of any of our panels just click here.  

Will it be concrete base panels for you?

Our concrete base panels are the best there is, they will give your fences all the full support it needs ensuring it stays up for longer, especially in the terrible winter weather when the big winds sweep in.
If you want to know more about our different types of base panels for fences then don’t hesitate to give our fencing experts a call today on 0151 207 7490.