Give Your Garden A Decorative Edge With Fence Panels

decorative fence panels liverpool

Fencing doesn’t have to be plain and simple, if you prefer to add a decorative touch to your garden then fence panels are the way to go! From simple additions such as decorative base panels to going all out with arched fence panels and trellis, we have a large range of decorative fence panels designed to suit your garden. Take a look at some of the ways you can give your garden beautiful design and decoration.

Concrete Base Panels

Base panels are a great way of making your fence panels stand out and create a distinction between the fence and the ground with their bright white colour. Concrete base panels also create a solid structure for your fencing so they won’t topple when the wind picks up! We have three different styles of base panels, including rock face base panels, plain base panels, and 6×6 inch plain base panel. The plain base panels give a more simple and sleek look, whilst the rock face base panel has more of a design element to add a decorative edge along your garden. It contains shapes and patterns within the concrete which looks beautiful combined with wood fence panels.

decorative fence base panel

Arched Feather Edge Fence Panels

Arched fence panels are the perfect way to add decoration and design to your garden. The arch adds uniqueness to the traditional fence panel and gives definition and curvature to your garden. All of our fence panels are feather edged which means the pales are overlapped which creates a feather look. This in itself is decorative whether your fence panel is straight edged or arched, but the arch adds a touch of class particularly combined with the rock face base panel.

feather arch fence panels

Trellis Fence Panels

Of all the ways to add a decorative edge, trellis fencing is one of the best ways as not only does it add depth and decoration by itself, further decoration can easily be added with climbing flowers. It not only looks good, it can also help your garden to flourish which will attract wildlife to your garden. Trellis fencing is the ultimate decorative fence panel that will act as a main focal point in your garden as it adorns beautiful flowers.

trellis fencing panel

Choose City Fencing for Decorative Fence Panels Today!

We have so many designs here at City Fencing that can transform the whole look and feel of your garden. Combine all of these elements for a bespoke design or simply take one for a subtle decorative edge. Give us a call today on 0151 207 7490 to have your decorative fences installed in your garden.