Gardening Tips To Complement Your Wood Fence Panels

Ways to use wood fence panels in gardens

Wood fence panels alone are a simple and great way of instantly improving the aesthetics of your garden, particularly with our selection of fence panels, which offer a wide range of detail and design. However, to really complement your wood fence panels and bring your whole garden look together, we have a few gardening tips and tricks to make your garden really stand out this summer. Now that we’re in spring it is the perfect time to get your garden blooming. Read on to see how well our garden fences work with flowers.


Hang Brightly Coloured Flower Baskets To Your Wood Fence Panels

hanging flower baskets

A fence panel doesn’t just have to serve to protect your garden and provide privacy, as you can do so much more with your given space such as using it as an opportunity to display beautiful flowers. Hanging baskets are the perfect way to do this, as bright hanging baskets will draw the eye to your beautiful fence panels. Hanging them uniformly right along your fence panels will help to elongate your garden and make it appear bigger.

Hanging baskets are so simple to create as you can choose beautifully designed baskets that are lined or create your own for a unique personal touch. April is the perfect time to start planting your hanging baskets as they will be in full bloom by summer. We suggest you go all out with brightly coloured flowers and try clashing different colours and shades. Create a classic neat and tidy look with pansies and petunias or create an effortless, shabby chic look with flowers that climb and spill over the basket such as fuschia, lobelia, or sweet pea.

Keep your hanging baskets maintained with water, sunlight and shade depending on your flower choice to help them flourish all through summer!


Add Flowers To Trellis Fence Panels

If you prefer your garden to be filled with flowers from top to bottom without the look of wood fence panels getting in the way, then we have an option for you too with trellis fence panels. Trellis fence panels are a more discreet option that not only look beautiful, but are also a foundation for climbing plants.

Climbing plants are great for adding extra privacy as they can grow beyond the height of your wood fence panel. If your garden is looking slightly shabby, covering the entirety of your trellis fence panels will brighten and improve the look of your garden. Roses, clematis, ivy and sweet pea are just a few climbing pants that can be beautifully displayed on trellis fence panels. If you’re a budding gardener then climbing plants are a great project to work on as they can require a bit of attention and maintenance, however the extra support from trellis fencing gives climbing plants a helping hand in reaching their full potential.

You can choose to have full trellis fence panels or use trellis to add a decorative edge to your wood fence panels.

trellis fencing

Line Your Wood Fence Panels With Flower Beds

Lining your fencing with flowers is great if you still want to show off your wood fence panels while adding a bit of embellishment. If you’re looking to add a certain shape to your garden whether that be straight or curved, then creating flower beds is the best way to do this. You can choose to build wooden planters along your garden like the one above, or simply carve out the edge of your lawn into your desired shape. If you have arched feather edge panels why not mirror the arches by having a curved flower bed?  This will add dimension to your garden.

flower bed fence panels

With flower beds you can be as creative as you like as there is plenty of space to mix and match various colours and types of plants. Use your flower bed to contrast against the colour of your lawn or block paving by using bright coloured plants. If you’re a garden fanatic and like to try different types of plants and gardening techniques then why not plant vegetables in your flower bed as opposed to traditional flowers? We’re sure you probably have flowers everywhere in your garden, so growing vegetables in your flower bed will be unique and fun!


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Now that you have some gardening tips to have a beautifully blooming garden this summer, you may also need some new and fresh wood fence panels for the upcoming season. If so, we have plenty of wood fence panel designs that are durable and affordable! Check out our full range of fencing, and give us a call on 0151 207 7490 to book the installation of your brand new wood fence panels.