City Fencing Options In Liverpool

fencing options liverpool

We’ve discussed many times the need and benefits of having garden fencing, but what are the different fencing options available which are practical, secure and aesthetically pleasing? Here at City Fencing we have a variety of options available that are both beautifully designed and durable. We understand that choosing from our array of beautiful fence options is a difficult task, which is why we have put together a list of some of the fencing options Liverpool customers can choose from and their benefits so you can see which fence panel is best for you.

Heavy Duty Feather Edge PanelsHeavy Duty Feather Edge Panels

Our feather edge fence panels are a simple yet sophisticated design. Feather edge fence panels consist of pales which are overlapped and secured onto horizontal slats on the reverse side of the fence panel. This overlapping creates the feathered, layered look which is a traditional fence panel design and one of our best sellers. If security and durability are your main concerns then look no further than our feather edge fence panels as they serve their purpose.

These fence panel are referred to as heavy duty because they’re super strong and durable, made using only pressure treated timber instead of the usual ‘dip’ treatment. Your heavy duty feather edge fence panel will stand tall and strong for years to come and still retain their attractive appearance. Although this is a traditional style of fence panel, it’s one that’ll give you a contemporary and sleek look if that’s what you’re looking for in your garden.


Heavy Duty Arched Feather Edge PanelHeavy Duty Arched Feather Edge Panel

For a twist on the traditional, why not try our arched feather edge fence panels? They have an extra design feature which will add definition and interest to your garden. They are made in the same way as the straight feather edge fence panels with pressure treated timber but with more of a design element. The arch adds a touch of class and will frame your garden beautifully.  



Trellis Fence Panels

Trellis fence panels are great for functionality and design purposes. Not only do they look attractive and unique, they’re also great for helping your garden flourish as they are most commonly used for climbing plants. You can choose to have full trellis fence panels or you can add a trellis finish to the top of an ordinary fence panel so you can still retain your privacy and security.

Trellis fences look beautiful particularly with climbing flowers growing on them, so if you’re looking for something that’ll completely transform your garden and be a main attraction, we suggest you invest in trellis fencing.


Choose From Our Fencing Options Liverpool!

Not only do we have different fence panel designs, they’re also made in various sizes so you can choose between smaller fences which are great for front gardens or large 6ft fences for privacy in the rear garden. We believe each of these would look great in every style of garden but if there’s one style that stands out to you then give us a call on 0151 207 7490 to have your bespoke fence panels supplied and fitted.