When and How To Use Trellis Fencing Panels

trellis fencing panels in action

Using Garden Trellis Panels On Your Patio

Trellis fencing panels are a simple yet effective way to create a feature in your garden. They can be used in a number of ways to add an attractive finish to a new or existing fence.

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Trellis fencing panels can be used to add a splash of greenery or to create a wall of flowers on a patio, where things would not otherwise grow.

Your trellis can be fitted up against wooden fencing panels or up against the wall of your garage, shed or house. Once the trellis is in place, simply put pots at the foot of the trellis fencing panels and add plants that will use the trellis as support as they grow. Ivy and other climbing plants look wonderful set against garden trellis panels.

Cheap Garden Trellis for Your Vegetable Patch

Some edible plants, such as certain varieties of tomato plant, require support as they grow, so trellis can be a useful addition to your allotment or vegetable patch.

If you have the correct type of soil in your borders to support the growth of these plants you can add the trellis fencing panels as a layer on top of your existing fence.

You can then weave the plants into the trellis, or tie them to it, as they grow.

Limited Space? Create A Vertical Garden With Trellis Fencing Panels

If you have a small yard or a balcony you can still create a beautiful garden.

In fact, you might be surprised how much you can grow in limited space and with limited funds, using cheap garden trellis and a few pots.

Identify the wall that will get the most sun and install trellis fencing panels here. Once that is done, only a small amount of floor space is needed. Place a few pots at the base of the trellis and watch an abundant garden grow up the wall. Hanging baskets and railing pots can also be used to add to the effect.

If you’re based in Liverpool and surrounding areas buy your cheap garden trellis from City Fencing to add a new feature to your garden or balcony.