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Spruce Up Your Garden This Winter With Fencing and Gates

Our bespoke fencing is perfect for making changes to your garden

Winter can be a dull time for your garden, the lack of life and colour can affect your mood and it seems like you’ll be waiting forever before seeing some sunshine and those bulbs begin to flourish. Why wait till spring when there are things you can do to spruce up your garden this winter? Read more…

Liverpool fencing services for home and business

Professional Liverpool fencing services

From garden gates to metal security fencing, rely on the local experts In Liverpool, think ‘fencing services’ think City Fencing. We have been in business since before many of our customers were even born! We offer one key specialism – the supply and installation of fencing – and we do it better than anyone else Read more…

City Fencing; Liverpool’s professional local fencers

we are the best professional local fencers in Liverpool

Fencing, it’s what we do best First things first, we’ll make it clear, we’re not the type of fencers that poke each other with thin swords, we’re the type that segregate your gardens from your neighbours with big wooden panels. We are the number one choice when it comes to choosing professional local fencers and Read more…