base panels for fences

How to maintain wood fence panels

Maintaining your wood fence panels

If you need to buy wood fence panels, Liverpool’s longest standing supplier in that field is City Fencing. We have been supplying and fitting wood fence panels in Liverpool for over 40 years now and a question that we get asked time and time again by homeowners is ‘how do I look after my fence Read more…

Plain fence base panels for garden fences and gates

Types of fence base panels

Make sure you choose the City Fencing range City Fencing is the number one supplier of all things fencing and gates in Liverpool. When it comes to fence base panels we keep our standard selection pretty simple. The concrete fence base panels available on our website come with just three options: Plain fence base panels, Read more…

Have you seen our different types of base panels for fences?

the best choice for fence panels in Liverpool

Only the best for your fence When you think about fences, majority of the time people just think of wooden fences not the likes of metal ones or concrete ones and that’s why we want to talk to you and show you our different types of base panels for fences. One of the panels we Read more…