Steel palisade fencing vs paladin fencing in Liverpool

Examples of paladin fencing in Liverpool

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Should you opt for steel palisade fencing or paladin fencing in Liverpool? Liverpool customers pose this question to us quite frequently so we thought we’d take the time to discuss the merits of both.

The two have a number of comparable aspects but there are a few points of distinction that are worth considering as you make your choice.

It’s also worth mentioning at this point that if you’re comparing palisade and paladin fencing here in Liverpool, you could always call into our showroom and speak to our team directly. That said, let us consider these two products.

Paladin fencing – a Liverpool favourite

We supply and install a lot of paladin fencing in Liverpool. It is a versatile product that can be customised in a number of small ways to make it suitable for the project at hand. Made of metal and available in varying heights it provides high levels of security.

These are added to by its anti-cut and anti-climb nature.

People often choose paladin fencing for Liverpool’s more scenic spots because, though its bars are strong they are also thin enough to preserve a view and can be supplied in a number of colours.

Consider paladin fencing in Liverpool if:

  • Security is important to you but not your only consideration
  • You are installing fencing around a park or beauty spot and want to preserve the view
  • You want people to have a clear line of sight through your fence
  • You want an anti-climb, anti-cut fence
  • You wish to create a feeling of openness and space
  • You want a custom colour

Steel palisade fencing – number one for security

Steel palisade fencing offers the ultimate in security. If you want the complete peace of mind that comes with creating a secure perimeter this may be the option for you.

Quickly and easily installed, as well as completely vandal proof, the main difference between paladin fencing and a palisade fence is that the latter uses much thicker steel, creating more of a walled effect.

Consider steel palisade fencing if:

  • You’re less concerned about the view and more focused on high security
  • You are looking for a secure fence that can be quickly and easily assembled
  • You want your site to look protected, as well as be well protected
  • You want to be able to select from a range of heights and colours

Whatever you need turn to City Fencing, the most experienced fencing company in Liverpool, for great service and free delivery anywhere in the city.