Knee Rail Fencing for Car Parks

examples of our knee rail fencing

Our Different Types of Fences

At City Fencing we provide a wide range of fencing options to suit all eventualities and knee rail fencing is one of them.

When simple demarcation and a mild security deterrent are your aims, knee rail fencing could be your clear choice. This simple, low level, post and rail fencing clearly marks out a chosen area and is ideal for car parks.

Why Choose Knee Rail Fencing for your Car Park?

If you are trying to separate one area of land from another to designate it as a car park, you may not need a large metal fence.

Low level wooden fence posts fastened with a rail will do the job nicely.

Perhaps you are aiming to separate out areas of a car park – dividing staff parking from visitor parking outside of a hospital or other public building, for example.

Maybe you work at a school and want some fencing simply to remind children of where the playground ends and the car parking area begins.

Knee rail fencing is not a high security fence option but in these scenarios, as well as others, you may not need high security.

Knee rail fencing is ideal for car parks.

It will indicate to people where the car park begins, remind pedestrians that they are entering an area where they should be cautious of cars and gently lead traffic in the direction of the entrance and exits by stopping them from simply pulling out of the car park at any point.

Knee Rail Fencing as a Security Feature

Believe it or not, these simple wooden fence posts do offer security benefits to car parks.

Stable, durable and well fitted post and rail fencing is enough to deter thieves from attempting to steal vehicles from your car park.

If you have an area of waste ground that could be put to better use as a car park, even if you don’t plan to man the area for the entire time that cars will be there, placing knee rail fencing around the area will not only mark it out as an official parking area but will also play its part in keeping parked cars a little safer.

If you would like to invest in knee rail fencing for your car park, contact City Fencing for a quotation.