Storms left you in need of fence post repair?

In need of fence post repair?

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If Storm Doris has left you Googling ‘fence companies near me’ then you’re not alone and you’ve landed in the right place.

Inconvenient and dangerous as she was, Doris has brought City Fencing rather a lot of business in recent weeks, as householders across the Northwest have found themselves in need of fence post repair.

Never fear, as busy as we are in these stormy, blustery seasons, we are prepared and available to fix your fencing at short notice.

Should I have my fence posts repaired right away?

With the weather so changeable people often question whether it is a good idea to have their fence posts repaired in the wake of a storm, or whether to hold off until the summer’s calm climate comes around.

Nobody wants to have to pay fence installation costs twice in one year, so it seems sensible to look at deferring the fix for a few months, doesn’t it?

Actually, not so.

If your fence came down during a storm the chances are that it wasn’t as secure as it could have been to begin with.

Perhaps it was old and weather worn, or maybe it hadn’t been quite as well fitted as it could have been.

Either way, we don’t live in a country rife with tornadoes – our storms are relatively mild (though Doris did give us a run for our money) and a strong, well fitted fence can usually withstand years of them without needing to be replaced.

If a recent storm left you in need of fence post repair you should make the job a priority for safety, security and privacy sakes.

Fence installation costs don’t have to be high and don’t need to be frequent.

There is no need to put the job off, simply come to us – the Northwest’s leading experts in fences and gates – for efficient, quality workmanship.

How much does fence installation cost?

You can install your fence yourself, of course, but to avoid the need for fence post repair again in future bad weather it is always advisable to plump for a professional fitting job.

You will pay a little more, though probably less than you might think, but if it’s done right fence installation should be a one-off cost.

When it’s not done right, you can find yourself needing to replace panels every few years, so it can work out the same price in the long run, plus a lot less convenient.

So if you’ve been on the lookout for a ‘fence company near me’ and you’re based in Liverpool or the surrounding areas please get in touch.
We’ll be happy to help.