Concrete vs timber for fence posts; Which one will it be?

concrete vs timber for fence posts

They both have their perks

When you’re getting a new fence put up by professional fencers obviously you want it to stay up and the whole reason it will stay up is due to the fence posts and this is where the battle begins with concrete vs timber for fence posts.

There are many benefits of concrete posts and many benefits of timber posts so you might find yourself struggling to choose which posts will be right for you.

Here at City Fencing we want to make your fencing experience straightforward and stress free, that’s why we are going to give you an insight into some of the benefit of both concrete and timber posts.

Concrete vs Timber

We’ll start the battle between concrete vs timber off by stating some of the great benefits of concrete posts.

Concrete posts for fence panels:

  • Long lasting
  • Years of durability
  • Leave an attractive finish
  • There are different types
  • They come at different prices

One of the final great benefits of concrete posts for fences is that one of the types of posts available is called a 3 way post. This type of post allows you to change direction in 2 ways for the fence giving you more flexibility and ease when the fence is being put up, this is great if you haven’t got the most even/straight garden.

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of concrete posts let’s move on to the benefits of timber posts so they actually do stand a chance in this head to head between concrete vs timber.

Timber posts for fence panels:

  • Available in brown
  • Available in green
  • They are cheaper than most concrete posts
  • A different, decorative alternative
  • Fully supportive & secure to hold the fence in place

Both pretty great materials to support your fences aren’t they?

What post will you choose?

Now that the battle between concrete vs timber has come to an end do you know which posts you will be choosing for your fence?

With the benefits of concrete posts and benefits of timber posts being so great we understand why you may still be struggling to choose but that’s why we are here to help make your decision easier.

Our experts are here to help, give you any advice you need and answer questions you may have. You can contact us today just with a few clicks or give us a call on 0151 207 7490.