Metal Fence Panels Liverpool

When it comes to metal fence panels Liverpool, City Fencing is the #1 choice for supplying and fitting a wide range of fences.

Whether it is steel or mesh we have both and can accommodate for any and all of your needs.

Protect Your Property With Metal Garden Fencing

metal garden fencing

It’s important to make sure that your property is always protected, which is why we offer the opportunity to find the perfect metal garden fencing in Liverpool. Metal fencing is much sturdier than wooden fencing, which makes it the perfect fencing choice if you’re looking to make sure your business or school is equipped with Read more…

Types of gates by City Fencing

Different types of gates

What wooden garden gate to go for Garden gates are one of our main areas of business. It’s unsurprising really – wooden garden gates go hand in hand, or hinge in post, with wooden garden fencing! The range isn’t extensive when it comes to the types of gates available, simply because it doesn’t need to Read more…

Best for Rust Resistant Metal Fence Panels in Liverpool

icy fence panels in Liverpool

Ideal Fencing for the Winter Season City Fencing is the top choice for garden fencing and all fence panels in Liverpool, providing a full supply and installation service throughout the city region. Did you know that we are also the leading supplier of all other types of gates in Liverpool? In the dry weather of Read more…

Steel Fence Panels VS Wood Fence Panels

wood and steel fence panels

Could Steel Fence Panels be the One for You? Fencing isn’t something that most people shop for all that often so, when it comes to making a selection, the benefits of one type of fencing over another aren’t always immediately obvious so it’s time we take a look at steel fence panels and wood fencing. Read more…