Choosing Your New Bespoke Gates and Fences in Liverpool

Bespoke Gates and Fences Liverpool

The variety of bespoke gates and fences Liverpool customers can choose from at City Fencing is amazing. We have a wide selection of gates and fences that you can customise and decorate to your own standards to suit your home perfectly. Browsing through our gates and fences, you should be satisfied in choosing the perfect options for your garden, so take a look at what we can offer you!

Our selection of bespoke gates and fences Liverpool


We have a great selection of bespoke gates and fences to choose from, with a wide variety of styles for you to look through and find the perfect option for your home. Whether you’re looking for front or back garden fencing, we have both! You should keep in mind the style that your house evokes to make sure you find fences and gates that suit your home and your garden.




We have a variety of fences to choose from, all of different sizes and styles that can improve a certain design you’re looking for. Our main fence styles are:

  • Feather edge fence panels
  • Arched fence panels
  • Trellis fence panels

Each of these fence panels can give different looks to your garden, and achieve very different styles – so it’s important to make sure you choose correctly.


feather edge fence panel

Feather edge fence panels are durable and provide a straight edge look to your garden, with an attractive finish provided from the pressure treated timber. These are one of our best selling styles of fence, so you can trust that they’re of a high quality.



arched fence panel

Arched fence panels give a curved edge to your garden and create a comfortable and classy style in your garden. Our professional team create these fence panels to ensure they’re adding a touch of luxury to your garden while still maintaining a reasonable price. Available in a variety of sizes you’ll be able to find the perfect design for your garden.



trellis fence panel

Trellis fence panels provide the chance to create an extra layer of style within your garden. Our trellis panels can be added to already existing fences, or can be used to divide your garden into sections subtly. As well as this, you’ll find trellis fence panels are the perfect base when growing climbing plants like roses and ivy, which can add some floral beauty to your garden.




The basic function of gates is to offer an entrance into your garden and home, but you can take them past this practical design when choosing your own gates. Our selection of designs give you the chance to choose the perfect gate to suit the fences you’ve chosen with us.



arched gate

Arched feather edge gates work well with arched fences and come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that’s best for your garden. Arched gates add a level of sophistication to your home and provide privacy as well as style. These durable gates are perfect for protecting your garden from any unwanted intrusions, and look attractive while doing so!



wooden gates Liverpool

Feather edge gates are strong and long-lasting, and work with our feather edge fences to create a streamlined and effective barrier between your home and the outside world. We are able to make our fences the height and width that you need, so contact our office if you need a bespoke gate designed for your garden.


wooden arched gate

Tongue and Groove gates are some of the strongest gates available in the market, and can suit either arched or feather edge fences thanks to their specific design. With the chance to have your gates ledge and braced or framed ledge and braced you’ll find these gates are extremely durable.


Choose your gates and fencing today!

Here at City Fencing we’re always happy to work on a bespoke design for our customers, as it gives us the chance to create something out of the ordinary. If you’re interested in using one of our fence or gate designs to create the perfect garden border for your home you’ll be happy with the selection we offer. To speak to a member of our team about designing your bespoke gates and fences in Liverpool you can call us on 0151 207 7490.