Choosing between flat and arched fence panels

Examples of arched fence panels

Which will you choose for your garden?

There isn’t a world of choice when it comes to garden fence panels. There really doesn’t need to be. All that most homeowners need are high quality, well installed feather edge fence panels that are going to look good and stand up against the great British weather for years to come.

When it comes to feather edge fence panels from City Fencing, the quality is assured and the only decisions to be made are the height of the fence and whether to opt for flat top or arched fence panels.

Looking for cheap fence panels?

All panels supplied by City Fencing are cheap fence panels but that doesn’t make them cheap fence panels. Know what we mean? Garden fence panels don’t cost the earth, regardless of whether you opt for flat or arched fence panels.

Every product we supply is low cost but high quality.

We supply fences with free delivery for all orders over £30 in the Liverpool area and we can professionally install your fence for a very reasonable fee.

So the decision still remains – flat or arched fence panels?

When to opt for arched fence panels

More often than not, when you install a fence it is a replacement for an existing fence. Very often that fence sits between two properties. If this describes your situation then the most important deciding factor, when it comes to whether to opt for flat or arched fence panels, is the opinion of your neighbour.

These panels will form part of their garden too. If you’re replacing due to wear and tear or damage you may even be choosing to split the cost.

If, previously, you had flat topped feather edge fence panels then the easiest option may be to simply replace them with a new version of the same thing.

If you have more freedom. For example if you don’t have adjoining neighbours or you’re installing a fence for the first time then you may wish to opt for curved fence panels. In terms of construction and durability they offer the same benefits as flat topped fencing, so it is a decision based purely on aesthetics.

People often opt for arched fence panels at the front of their property or in other locations where the fence can be seen by passers by. Whatever you opt for, your fence is a purchase that will last you for a long time, so simply go with what you most want to live with.

We will take care of the quality construction either way.